At the Dentist Office Waiting for my Daughter, Lauren

As I sit at the dentist office, waiting for my daughter Lauren, I began to think. Would being closer to the dentist office, physicians office, or maybe a park district be an important decision to someone seeking to buy a home? It took me more than twenty minutes to get here. I love this dentist office, it’s clean, the staff are professional, they use the latest technology and equipment. But what if it were five minutes away from home? I would save on gas and time.

When I purchased my first home price was the driving factor, then age, then location. I didn’t consider local amenities. So, what was important to you when you purchased? Would you take more time to consider the local amenities, shopping, doctors office, pool and or school district?

In my case, we bought based on the above reasons and luckily the school district offered a dual language program which has become a driving force in our city. My kids are bi-literate not just bi-lingual. Pretty cool when you think about and I didn’t even search for the program.

This was great! Dual language for my kids offered by the public school system. Even though this is great, the next time I decide to purchase a home I will definitely consider, shopping, park district and walkability.

What will you consider the next time you consider purchasing your first home or your next home? What if you actually researched the city? What would you learn? Tell me. I want to know.

Warren Buffett Says He’d Buy, “a couple hundred thousand”

Maybe it’s time to reconsider buying a home.  Now is a great time to own.  Believe it or not.  This is the right time to invest in a 1st home, 2nd home, upgrade from the home you are in or start investing in real estate. 

Warren Buffett Says, He’d Buy “a couple hundred thousand” if it were practical to do so. As stated in a recent article from CNBC an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box.  Check out the article and get on the road to home ownership today.

Really, you have no excuse.  If you can’t buy plan to own in a few years.  We have resources to help you acheive your dream of home ownership.

Most cities are affected by foreclosure.  Some more than others.  The entire State of Illinois has a high foreclosure rate overall.  However, some cities are not as badly affected as others.  When you view the December 2011 Foreclosure Rate Heat Map notice that Illinois is ranked high amoung most tates. 

Click to view:

How is your city affected?  There are many factors that may lead to foreclosure: job loss, home owners relocating to new areas and being unable to sell their homes, businesses leaving an area can also lead to job loss.   In addition, some home owners may find themselves being upside down in their mortgages and just walking away from the property.

Can I find out how many homes are in pre-foreclosure or already foreclosed on? Yes,  most real estate websites can provide this information or you can contact your real estate professional to get the information.  For detailed foreclosure information feel free to contact me.

Post the city you are interested and I’ll share the data with everyone.

New Year Resolutions, Do You Have One? Can You Keep it?

Ok, 2011 has come and gone.  We are in a new year.  It’s time to move forward into a new year. If you didn’t succeed at your 2011 Resolutions let it go.  Many make new year resolutions. Some of the resolutions have already failed. It’s only January.  What can you do to get on track in 2012

If you are good at sticking to a resolution, good for you. Keep up the good work and tell us what you do to stay on track.  If you are among the rest of us that start but just can’t stick to the plan I have good news for you! You can achieve your goals, dreams and resolutions.

You don’t need a New Year Resolution to reach your goals.  Creating a plan may be just what you need to get on track.  Whether it’s buying a new home, exercising consistently or just getting out of debt you can do it!

Where do you begin? Let’s make a plan:

  • 1st write down when you want to achieve this goal (resolution)
  • How will you achieve it? If you want to exercise what days and times will you exercise (same time and days will help with your success).  If you want to save money to buy a home open a savings account and put in a specific amount of money there each time you get paid. (if you need a specific down payment how long will it take you to save it? (3 months, a year or maybe 2 years) Whatever the time frame stick to it and don’t spend the money on anything else.
  • Don’t look at the commitment. Take each day one day at a time.
  • Find a good friend that will help keep you accountable.  Accountability is the key to reaching your goals and even a New Years Resolution!

Remember you can reach your dreams, goals and resolutions.  If you need help let me know.  I’ll help you plan to buy a home, pay off your debt and yes, I can help you with an exercise schedule.

A Year In Review – Setting Goals For Your Future

Another year has come to an end.  While we prepare to celebrate New Year’s Eve take a moment to consider the wonderful things from 2011.  As you think on those things what can you take from what you’ve learned and implement into 2012.

Now that you’ve reviewed the past what can you do when you focus on the future.  Have you ever written down your goals? Or a new years resolution?  Do you follow through?  I say let’s all write daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals.  Then achieve them.  Make your goals accomplishable.

Now, let’s think big.  Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years. Most of us forget that time is the one thing you cannot return or exchange.  Once it’s spent you can’t get it back.  Take time over the next week and plan.  We get older every day and now is the time to put those things in motion that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.  Maybe it’s going to school, building a better business, buying your 1st home, or even moving to a new state.  Whatever it is do it.  Then tell me about.  If it’s buying a home talk to me about it.

Happy New Year to my friends, fans and clients.

People Who Understand Money Say, “Buy A House”

People who understand money say now is the time to buy a house.  The Wall Street Jounal said it a few weeks ago. “It’s Time To Buy That House”

Why should you buy?  First, home prices are back to prices in 2006 and some areas of the Chicago land market you can find prices that mirror prices from 2000.  Second, Interest rates are affordable.

Check out the Wall Street Journal article on what people who understand money are saying about buying a home.

If you think you can’t own, Think again.  Still not sure.  contact me today to get on the road to home ownership.

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How Long Will You Wait To Sell Your Home?

Are you thinking about selling your home?  Is your home currently on the market? If your home is on the market for sale are buyers knocking down your door to buy the house?  If you answered NO to buyers knocking down your door, guess what? Your house is overpriced.   So what should you do?

First, An immediate price change is in order.  If you don’t have buyers asking if others are looking at your property,  it’s not price correctly!  The price must be compelling to get buyers motivated.

Don’t wait to get it sold!!!!  If it’s not priced correctly call your Realtor NOW!  Get it priced right and get it sold today.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time and losing money.  Request that your agent tell you the truth.

Months’ of Housing Supply in Northern Illinois 8/22/2011 to 9/22/2011.  There are 44852 single family homes and 25258 attached homes available for sale and only 4448 single family and 2155 attached homes that sold form 8/22 to 9/22.  What does this mean?  It tells us that your house could sit on the market 10.62 months before it sells.

It’s time to wake up to a different reality. If you really want to get your home sold you must make some hard decisions.  Ask me your questions today.

Closed Sales for West Chicago, Illinois

Are you in the market to sell your home in West Chicago Illinois or any city in the Northern Illinois area?  If so, consider this:  Now when you consider a listing price you will be competing with shortsales and bank owned homes.   No longer are appraisers only reviewing traditional sales.  With so many short sales and foreclosed properties on the market all properties are considered when an appraisal is completed.

For example, in city of West Chicago, Illinois non-distressed sales are selling for near the same prices.  This is a trend in most areas.  So when you list your home today buyers aren’t just considering traditional homes they are also considering short sales and bank owned properties.  Click on the link for details.

Closed Sales for 185 – West Chicago.