Back to School at Home

By now most kids have already started the new school year.  When school is in session our children begin a new routine at school.  They are more organized at school.  So why not take this opportunity to get them involved in making your home organized.  We are all creatures of habit.  If we don’t stay in a routine things get out of order at our places of work and at home.   Since the kids are learning new routines at school create a routine that they can follow during the school year that will continue for the rest of their life.

Let me tell you, it is not easy.  When Lauren and Jonathan come home the first thing they do is throw their backpacks anywhere.  Drives me crazy.  But everyday I have them eat a snack get started on homework then take their things to their rooms.  In the beginning, you will feel like you are doing all of the work. But in the end, kids will eventually learn a new habit.  Don’t just stop at the backpacks extend your plan out for the entire house. From cleaning and dusting everyroom to creating a chore chart.

Try it!  You will find freedom in your new cleaner organized home.  Consider this, when you get ready to sell your house the preparation process will be so much simpler.

Create your plan of action and tell me be about.

Maybe you would like to sell your home but you would rather wait then lose money. If that’s you, here’s something to consider while you think about the future sale of your home:

1. Make a to do list
2. Start going through your storage areas
3. Declutter every room
4. Liven up the basement and the garage – nothing like an ugly garage or basement when a buyer comes in.
5. Keep your refrigerator clean
6. Start dusting in areas you often overlook
7. Set a listing target date
8. Why wait, talk to a real estate professional now so you are better prepared when you list your home.

Can you think of anything else? Tell me……

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Northern Illinois DuPage County and the Real Estate Market

Whether we want to believe it or not, homes are continuing to sell in DuPage County.  Home sales are not what they were several year ago but individuals and families are continuing to purchase homes in DuPage County.  In June of 2011 there were 943 listed homes that sold with an average sales price of $293,788 and a median sales price of $223,900.  These homes include single family homes and attached homes.

In June of 2010 the average sales price for a single family home was $368,417 and the average sales price for an attached home was $165,504.  There were a total of 1063 properties that sold in June 2010.  Comparing June 2011 to last years sales the sales prices for single family homes were $360,896 only an $8000 difference with an actual decrease of  2%.  On the other hand, when you compare the attached homes to last years sales in June the gap is much larger.   The average sales price for attached homes came to $138,066 a decrease of 16.58% from last years prices.

If you are on the fence about buying consider jumping off.  Now is a great time to own a home.  Don’t wait! Don’t over spend and be a part of the American Dream today!  If your home hasn’t sold it’s probably the price so talk to your real estate agent and get that price down where you can increase buyer traffic and hopefully receive an offer on that home.

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Data from the MLS in Northern Illinois.

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Home prices as low as they were in 2007 in the Chicagoland area

Check out this great article on the home price changes.  As of April 2011, you can pretty much purchase a home near the same prices as in the year 2007.    If you are on the fence, get off and get on your way to homeownership.  Not sure where to being?  Contact me today for help in purchasing a home or investing in real estate. or click

Are you afraid to buy a home? Don’t Be!!!!!

“We can remain afraid to buy and let all of the great deals out there pass us by as the investors snag them all and rent them back to us until we’re ready to buy. Or, we can go and buy ourselves and take advantage of the instant equity that we can gain.”  Nathan Hosier

This market may appear to be an  intimidating time to purchase a home.  However, whether you believe it or not, now is the best time to own.  Home prices are as low as the home prices in 2004 and even 2000.  You can essentially purchase a home at the 2004 prices and get a better interest rate than you could during that year and years close to it!  Steve Harney and his team explain it well.  Click on the link to read more…..

Understanding Real Estate Representation

Are you considering purchasing or selling a home?  Have you ever considered real estate agent representation?  If you have, maybe you should?  Real estate agents are trained to assist you in your home sale or home purchase.  We are here to help you find a home then assist you with your purchase through closing.  For more information and to read more click

Don’t when buying a home

Don’t when buying a home!  So you are in the process of buying a home.  You’re pre-approved.  Then you are ready to close on the deal and the bank denies your loan.  Why?  Many new homeowners get excited while in the process and decide to make big purchases.  Before you buy that new car or new furniture, reconsider.  If you buy anything during the process of buying the home you can drastically change your debt to income ratio.  Today you may have quailified for the home and tomorrow you buy a house full of furniture on credt.  By doing this you’ve just  changed your purchase power.  So, again, wait before going on a buying spree.

Don’t wait! A Shortsale may be the best option.

If you need to sell, SELL.  Don’t wait for the market to come back.  While you wait your home could depreciate more.  In addition, you may lose your right to forgiveness of the debt.  This special tax relief actually applies to anyone who has forgiven mortgage debt during the tax years 2007 through 2012.   But starting in 2013, this tax break goes away.  Whatch the Suze Orman video.

Shortsales are here to stay.  If you must sell consider the shortsale.